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  Croatian police beats and robs refugees, and shoots at those trying to cross the border; 10 died in recent months.
uncommon tourist experiences lure many to the Balkans.
A negligible, and ignored, number compared to thousands of lives lost at sea while we're idly standing by.
Things are better in humanitarian Sweden where, in the name of safety, closed borders have been magicked-up and the refused-asylum seekers are being "stowed in storages" and referred to as "volumes."
Experience The Hidden Treasures of Europe.
Poland based Ukrainian activist is banned from entering Schengen area for organizing legal protests against Polish government.
treat your sweetheart to the ultimate getaway.
the many wonders of Europe
Matteo Salvini in Italy.
Europe’s vast landscapes create some breathtaking views.
Postal services are postal earnencies.
Ditto health care. Ditto schools. Ditto roads. Etc.
All sold out to tax-evading crooks.
Romance is everywhere in Europe.
It is of course the refugees' fault that nothing works anymore.
Incidentally, when did the term refugee stop meaning a person bereft of everything in need of help and protection - and start denoting a threat, and, choke, pardon, a flood?
What happened to basic human rights, human dignity?
Every narration started, continued and concluded in the name of economic progress.
Money. We need more money.
We need more money.
... ...
Heineken and Carlsberg are about to hold patent on brewing beer.
the treasures of Central Europe welcome all.
Benetton owns 14.000 km of highways in 15 countries. With some luck, the majority is maintained better than his just collapsed bridge in Genoa.
Destination Europe
Bannon is doing The Movement, uniting alt right.
what better way to start than with a honeymoon in romantic Europe?
EU parliament is a non-transparent joke. Or a distracting pastime.
Let me not even start on the environment and years of clapping, shaking hands, big smiles, zero action.
Want to know more about Europe?
Nutella for breakfast, energy for the whole day. 
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nina slejko blom nina slejko blom
  art-lodge, Verditz/Treffen, Austria
Keep Calm

- 2018
These are the times of looking the other way. Whilst the European union is making deals with the totalitarian Turkish regime to keep refugees away from Europe we are looking the other away. Whilst Croatian police shoots at people trying to cross the border between Croatia and Slovenia we are looking away. When refugees are sent back for not being able to prove sufficiently that they are gay we are looking the other way away. When Poland simply banns a Ukrainian activist from the whole Schengen area (and thus from her home and husband in Poland) for her peaceful critique of Polish politics we are looking the other away. When German banks are bullying Greek citizens we are looking the other way.

The original Keep Calm and Carry On posters were designed by the British government in 1939. The motivational poster was intended to raise the morale of the bombed British public during the World War II. After second thoughts the campaign was cancelled and posters never used. In an unforeseen turn of events commercialization of the design and the phrase brought fame to the add which can now be found embellishing an array of products all over the world.

With the work Keep Calm Slejko Blom is returning the slogan to the political sphere with the addition of the EU colours and stars, but whilst the slogan was originally deployed in times of distress, acknowledging the battles that were being fought, the new poster rather appears to hide the fact that we are in fact at war - participants in the last ugly battle of neo-liberal capitalism. Willing to look past any atrocities as long as we can maintain our living standards we are all whistling and twiddling our thumbs, carrying on with business as usual.
nina slejko blom
nina slejko blom
Installed at Art-lodge, Verditz/Treffen, Austria
photo ©art-lodge