The Green Drawings: Talking Ourselves to Death

- performance lecture with interfering children's workshop on the inaugural day of COP26, The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow

with Conny Blom


Kunsthall 3.14, Bergen, Norway, 2pm, Oct 31, 2021.
New artworks were being created during the performance.

From the add:
We have been talking about the changing climate for years now. We talk more and more and more. We listen more and more, too. Some of us find consolation in listening, some in talking, some just wish to be in line with the trend, hip and smart, unlike those silly hillbillies who still shamelessly enjoy driving their cars for fun. We clap alongside our political leaders, and together with them we do fuck all about really preserving our habitat.
Kids do fuck all too, what can they do? But it is time we notice them. We hope they will be loud during the lecture, we hope they leave their marks in our ears, minds and on our drawings. It is their future we are careless about. The planet we are destroying is the planet they will live on. Let them annoy us. Let them make themselves heard and seen, and noticed.




script for the performance, click to download (.doc)