GREEN DRAWINGS for Green Intentions (Years of Clapping, Shaking Hands)

- Interactive installation, 2020


While the planet is burning, we are drawing on. And doing swapsies.

This time, we are giving away The Green Drawings from the series “Notes on the Indulgence Trade” in exchange for descriptions of environment-friendly activity. Using the cards provided, tell us of your intentions and receive signed drawings on beautiful Fabriano paper. Hang the green descriptions on designated spot and pick a drawing off the wall. One intention / one drawing. Signing the intentions is optional.

- Available from March 12 to April 22, 2020 at Equrna Gallery in Ljubljana, Slovenia

We earned 5 drawings: We will not fly to this show, we will not even drive there. / One day, we will shop on-line for the very last time. / One day, we will find and flood the luxury bunkers that the 1%-ers are currently busy installing. / One day, we will erase the 100 corporations (ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, Chevron, ...) responsible for 71 percent of global carbon emissions. / One day we will organize a strike that will not end until Ecocide is punishable by law and various heads and CEOs and CEEs and COOs are held personally accountable for the genocides they’ve committed.

photo: Arne Brejc