The Coverings
Today I Was an Evil One

The Coverings is a painting project for which the artist bought
paintings at flea markets, painted them over and exhibited
them, thereby raising their value. Despite the precise conceptual
grounds, the painterly quality of each finished painting is important
as the artist wanted to paint paintings rather then statements,
if we take her words for it. A significant part of the work
was a romantic idea of preserving paintings by servicing not most
successfully done ones, and bringing up both their aesthetic and
the monetary value.
Then she bought the Rooster for 1800€ in an art gallery, painted
it over and named the work “Today I Was an Evil One”. Its
value sank, became even with the flea market bought, now Slejko’s,
paintings. The painting used for this work is one of many
proclaimed paintings of a rooster by France Slana, whom Slovene
bourgeoisie thinks highly of. His paintings with a motif of
a rooster are considered to be a status symbol. Young girl artist
painted over an old proclaimed man painter, people thought. The
artist claims she painted over the Slovene bourgeoisie’s bad taste
most of all. She expressed her opinion towards the icon painting
of Slovene provincial taste and offered a statement of own aesthetic