John Baldessari once noticed that paintings of bulls and roosters sell well (while those of cows and hens are much more difficult to market). Humorously, in Slovenia France Slana and Andraž Šalamun have been proving his point by offering these motifs of masculine power to happy customers for a long time now.
Also for a long time now, I have been nourishing my little private obsession with the matter. But I, as probably them, can say that roosters (and bulls) are simple to doodle, so I do when lacking a motif. Also, all things considered, what better things to depict when my goal is to reach a broad range of customers. Works from the THERE ARE NO MORE SAFE INVESTMENTS series are made in order to be spread as far and wide as possible. To fit all types and depths of pockets, the series offers cheap prints in limitless editions, a little more expensive knitted objects, small paintings and CD-ROMs priced somewhere in between, as well as more exclusive objects, like an original framed knitted rooster, or even a real painting. Motives range from bulls and roosters to two-headed worms, and back.
text, 2015