The More the Merrier


work in progress

50 replicas of the trimmed Slana painting, ordered from a Chinese manufacturer, framed in identical frames as Slana’s original. To be shown in display-windows of the main selling-type galleries (the ones that sell Slana´s works) in Ljubljana, as well as in the gallery where my show will take place – covering walls, with the original amongst them, and sticking out of boxes …

This project is a continuation of a work from 2006 called “Today I was an Evil One”. As a young female artist who at that time only had access to very marginal galleries, I bought a painting by France Slana, an old male painter who is highly proclaimed by Slovene bourgeoisie, and painted it over. This painting with a motif of a rooster is one of very many paintings with the same motif painted by Slana. They are understood to be a status symbol in Slovenia, and there is an understanding among wealthier people that one just has to have one of these paintings. I liked the idea of taking down its monetary value. I liked the idea of painting over the rooster. Both literally and metaphorically.